Disappeared in Jalisco: “Help me get my son back,” asks the mother of Miguel, a UDG student

More than a hundred people demonstrated this morning from the Rectory of the University of Guadalajara to Casa Jalisco to demand the appearance of the student Miguel Alejandro Soto Marín. The 22-year-old is studying Business Engineering at the University Center for Administrative Economic Sciences (CUCEA).

“Help me get my son back”; they demand the appearance of Miguel

The last time Miguel was heard from was the night of September 15, when the young man was at his home in the Los Olivos subdivision of Tlaquepaque and a group of subjects entered the house, stole a van and took him away. .

“I believe that all fathers only live for their children, this is a pain that cannot be explained, there is no name for it”said the mother, who asked her captors to touch their hearts and return her son to her.

In addition, he assured that, until now, the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office has not provided him with information about his son’s case, so he asked for help to recover his son: “Help me recover my son,” he repeated several times.

Yesterday Ricardo Villanueva, rector of the University of Guadalajara, asked not to normalize barbarism and find the young man.

“Once again a member of our community suffers firsthand from the climate of insecurity that exists in Jalisco, with disastrous consequences. The University of Guadalajara demands that the authorities immediately search for Miguel, who the complaint that already exists in the Prosecutor’s Office General of the State effectively activate the police elements to locate him alive,” he said.



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