Cuchao is going to take revenge against Julián

Throughout the hundred days that the adventure of Survivor Mexicoseveral rivalries have been formed, because nobody wants to be left out of the grand finale of the third season.

What happened at the Survivor Mexico Tribal Council September 20, 2022?

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However, one of the strongest friendships and alliances formed in Survivor Mexicowas the one they managed to build Julian and Cuchaobut everything seems to indicate that this is a thing of the past, since both want to leave the other out.

All this has started, because Cuchao he had the idea that his friend was going to invite him to dinner, but in the end it was not like that, so now he wants revenge.

Cuchao wants to take revenge on Julián for this reason.

The latest attitudes that Julián has taken have not been to the liking of Cuchaoso it seems that he has forgotten his friendship and wants revenge against him.

In Survivor everything goes and I think that everyone is playing their game and, today what happened with Julián, yes I am offended. I think that at these instances of Survivor, a conversation between friends would have been richer; Kenta, Julián and Cuchao, who go to find a strategy at a dinner with the Davids

For his part, Kenta assured that, instead of Julián, he would have shared the meal with his two most important allies within Survivor Mexicobut that everything can change in the competition.

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In the same way, if I won I was going to invite Cuchao and China; so that’s great, they are strategies and very valid. My lesson, rather, is not to believe anything even your own friends tell you.

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