Christian Nodal was caught after drinks in Las Vegas; video goes viral

Christian Nodal was caught after drinks in Las Vegas. Photo: AFP | illustrative

Christian Nodal grab tremendous party starring in a video where he is seen, apparently, past of drinks Leave a place helped for his equipment, Well, apparently he couldn’t walk alone.

This is how they captured Christian Nodal past drinks

Through social networks, a video where is seen “party” a Christian Nodal, who leaked a conversation where Belinda asks for money; quickly, the moment it went viral.

In the recording, captured in Las Vegas, Nevada, United Statesit is seen that the representative of the mariacheño leaves a casino surrounded by two peoplewho support him to walk before the siege of the fans who want to take one Photography with the.

However, in apparent drunk stateNodal, who now presumes his romance with Cazzu, tries to stop without the people, who are joined by agents of security of establishmentallow it.

Even one of the fanatics trying to get closer to interpreter of “Goodbye, love” and “Probablemente” questions him if he wants a photo with her or not, despite the negative of the team of young singer.

After the publication of the images of Nodalcriticized for dedicating a song to his new love that he would have dedicated to Belinda at the time, the netizens took with humor the situation and even shared some anecdotes of how also they put What Christian Nodal.

“It reminds me that this is how they took me out of a restaurant, I was celebrating my birthday”, “After 4 successful shows you deserve to enjoy life”, “Nodal is doing well”, “The good that whoever takes care of him brings”, “To all or to it happens to almost everyone”, “And the therapies that he said he was doing? He went to drown his sorrows or celebrate his immense happiness ”,“ He left, but well served, good for him ”are some comments that are read in the publication by users of social networks.

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