China tests cars with magnetic levitation technology

These cars with magnetic levitation technology reached a maximum speed of about 230 km/h. Learn more about them.

China does not spare resources when innovating in technology issues. This time they are creating cars with magnetic levitation technology, which would mean in a few years making reality what we have seen so many times in movies or read in science fiction stories. This mobility project is the creation of scientists from the Southwest Jiaotong Universityin Chengdu (Sichuan province).

These are normal cars modified with maglev technology (magnetic levitationin English), which is distinguished by having a magnet array. These cars traveled through a highway with conducting rails that allow the vehicle to levitate.

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In a first test, the scientists managed to make the car rise a few 3.5 centimeters above the road. Although it must be said that it is clear that some improvements still need to be made, since the vehicle oscillated to the right and left throughout the journey. There were even times when the wheels they stopped floating in a few moments and touched the ground.

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The same day of the mentioned test, another one was done but now with eight vehicles. Five of them functioned totally or partially with electric power or of hydrogen. The cars circulated along a 7.9-kilometre stretch of motorway, at a top speed about 230 km/h.

The teacher deng zigangone of the leaders of this mobility project, told China Daily that the test has been a complete success and that they will continue working on the development of cars with magnetic levitation technology.

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The tests were carried out by government transportation authorities to study safety measures for high-speed driving. Deng Zigang told a state news agency that the use of magnetic levitation for passenger vehicles has the potential to reduce energy use and increase the autonomy of automobiles.

China sees maglev technology as one of the strongest options for replace combustion engines, along with hydrogen and electric cars. This would represent the possibility of helping the environment to be free of the pollution caused by traditional cars.

Driving aboard a car with magnetic levitation is a possibility that still seems very distant. But it is very likely that at some point this technology will be a very advanced reality in our daily lives.


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