“Checo Prez will have to collect one of his most notorious qualities: rowing against the current”

Sergio ‘Checo’ Prez, Thanks to his experience, he managed to break away from the relatively low productivity of his second seat and he won a two-year extension with Red Bull. Shortly before this, he put the icing on the cake by winning the Monaco Grand Prix, that extraordinary achievement that put him in the F1 history books and also placed him a few points behind his teammate and reigning champion, Max Verstappen, as second place in the Drivers’ Championship of the current campaign.

However, later on, the time when he was still carrying very good performances, seemed to lose its strength. Now not only did I lose second place -despite a good comeback after the summer break- also could lose the third against the emergent, George Russell.

Checo came to dominate the Red Bull car until he was able to overtake Verstappen as nobody could do it, except maybe Daniel Ricciardo; The time has come when the different preferences of Max and Checo have separated them again.

With qualification time deficit, the team cannot take advantage of it by integrating it into the strategy and, although they help as much as they can, it grows at the time of the checkered flag. Verstappen’s heroic performances exacerbate differences and Checo will have to collect one of his most notorious qualities: rowing against the current.

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