Autumn Equinox: These are the 3 luckiest zodiac signs in love and money at this time

During the month of September, various astronomical phenomena have been experienced that have direct effects on each of the zodiac signs, especially with the arrival of the season of Virgo and Mercury Retrograde, which represents the opportunity to decide on personal issues that may leave a really significant growth or learning.

On September 22, the season of Libra will begin, one of the signs that is constantly related to issues of balance, artistic ice cream and justice; This will end on October 23, where various changes are expected for each of the zodiac signs.

Autumn equinox

In addition, with this new stage of the year the Autumn Equinox will arrive, which will culminate on Saturday, October 8; astronomically, this phenomenon refers to the time of the year when day and night have the same duration because during the path of the Sun, it apparently crosses the equator of our planet.

Astronomically, it also marks the seasonal change from summer to autumn, which represents various changes at the astrological level, that is, it has a direct impact on each of the zodiac signs, however, some of them will have positive effects, specifically on themes of love and money.

The luckiest signs in the season

  • One of the luckiest in terms of money and love will be precisely Poundwhich will be able to have a much clearer mind and heart to make the right decisions, because in the past he acted impulsively which led him to regret, however, during this new stage he will be able to be clearer about everything he wants, but especially the way in which you will be able to achieve it.
  • Another of these signs will be Aquarius, who will be able to share his true feelings with his current partner or with the person with whom he is relating; he may have the opportunity to take a trip or simply spend more time with that person he loves so much. In addition, he will have good news in his work that will give him a greater opportunity for job and financial growth.
  • And finally, the sign of Capricorn you will have a streak of good luck in money matters during the arrival of the Libra season where you will have the opportunity to clarify all your emotional doubts, especially regarding your partner; he will also have the opportunity to make the necessary changes in his work so as not to stagnate.
The luckiest zodiac signs in terms of love. PHOTO: Freepik


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