3 foods that Thalía DOES eat to lose weight fast at 50

Thalia is one of our inspirations for take care of our figure and it is that the singer usually shows us some of her secrets to have an impact body. He recently revealed his diet essentials for nourish yourself while taking care of your abdomen. You will be surprised how simple it is lose weight fast!

If this season you want to forget about a few kilos, we present these options that the interpreter of ‘Arrasando’ usually implement in your day to day, remember that before making a change in your lifestyle you must consult a specialist to guide you throughout the process.

This is Thalia’s diet that eliminates the bulging belly

blackberries as collations

Through the Instagram account of Jorge Valverde (celeb’s coach) he commented that the actress usually eats abundant red fruits, especially blueberries and blackberries as snacks of the day, so replace the dessert or the breaks of your meal with these delicious fruits.

This is Thalia’s diet that eliminates the bulging belly. Photo: IG

drink coffee frequently

One of the drinks that are allowed are coffee (which we greatly appreciate), it is recommended in your american Version, without sugar, no milk. you can add some vegetable drink to soften its flavor and a touch of cinnamon. We love this idea to start the day!

strawberries and banana

this is the best combo for a milkshake of oatmeal or protein, so integrate them into your essentials in the pantry. Remember that you can also make banana pancakes or eat from strawberry dessert. You, are you ready to try these foods that Thalia have in your diet lose weight fast?

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