Youtuber “Heisenwolf” arrested for the death of six people in Edomex

Toluca, Mex.- loved N identified as likely responsible for causing a car accident that left six people dead on the road that connects with Atlacomulco remains hospitalized awaiting an operation, reported the Mexican Attorney General’s Office.

He added that his first hearing is expected to be on October 5 for the crime of culpable homicide.

The road incident occurred last Sunday, September 18, on the Pan-American-Acambay highway, at the height of the Bongoni neighborhood, where the youtuber was driving a vehicle Chevrolet Camarored with white stripes, it hit a car labeled taxi and that gave collective service.


According to the first hypothesis, the young man was driving at excessive speed and in the opposite lane, which caused the frontal impact with the rental vehicle.

As a result of this accident, three people died at the scene, the taxi driver and two passengers; However, three more users were taken to a hospital in serious condition, one of them was a child under 10 years old, who died hours later while receiving medical care.

Meanwhile, the probable perpetrator was arrested in flagrante delicto, but transferred to a hospital, since he was also seriously injured; However, this Tuesday the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) reported that his condition was apparently improving and that in the next few hours he would have an operation on his foot.

The 26-year-old, who in YouTube calls itself “Hisenwolf”, He remains in the hospital under the custody of security elements, who expect his health to improve after surgery so that he can attend the indictment hearing for the crime of manslaughter scheduled for Wednesday, October 5, although it is unknown if has already been able to give a statement to the FGJEM about what happened.

Who is the youtuber Amado N?

“Hisenwolf”, 26 years old, is known for his content such as analysis of series in a comical way and explaining the origin of various memes that circulate on the networks, he had more than one and a half million followers on his three YouTube channels.

In his description you can read the following: “I hate many things in life, and in general I know that it is unfair, painful, but what better than sharing that pain TOGETHER and making it more enjoyable, this channel is to be able to spend this time that we have in the best way, complaining about many things”.

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