WORTH A READ: Robert Lewandowski explained the main differences between the League and the Bundesliga

Although his goalscoring records suggest that it has not been difficult for him to adapt to the Spanish League, Robert Lewandowski has noticed very marked differences with respect to the Bundesliga, which is the domestic championship in which he played for a decade.

The first conclusions that he shared -in a press conference with the Polish National Team- were that the German tournament is much more physical. In Spain, meanwhile, they try to play more.


“The Bundesliga was definitely more physical. In Spain there are many more teams that try and want to play football. That’s how I see it now, but I don’t rule out that the perception changes. We are facing games with teams that will defend themselves. That’s how it was last weekend against Elche. Apparently the last team in the table, I scored two goals, but it was very difficult for us to play because the opponent was very defensively positioned and moved skilfully on the pitch.”he shared at a press conference, as collected Przeglad Sportowy.

This is how he faced his adaptation: “I don’t think about it, because in my life I’ve played so many games with such different teams from different countries that it doesn’t cause me any major problems to adapt to the conditions on the pitch. The most important thing is to quickly find a solution to what you find in the field”.

Happy to have signed for FC Barcelona: “The transfer to Barcelona has given me strength, it has raised my self-esteem and I feel proud and accomplished. I knew that I had to decide on the results of the matches and I was not afraid of this role.

The love of the culés: “I feel proud, but I didn’t expect it to be so easy for the Camp Nou fans to start singing songs about me so soon. Everything made me feel as if I had been in Barcelona longer than I am. It all fits together beautifully.”

Undefeated data. Robert Lewandowski registers 11 goals and 2 assists in 8 games played with FC Barcelona. Leading scorer in La Liga and in the UEFA Champions League. Calm down.

Did you know…? Robert Lewandowski has been recognized as the MVP in 4 of 8 games since he arrived at FC Barcelona. Tremendous.

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