Without hypocrisies; Former from Puebla uncovers why Chivas’ goal was annulled

Club Puebla / Chivas vs. America
Club Puebla / Chivas vs. America


The National Classic continues to give something to talk about since the goal annulled the team from Chivas continues to generate discussions about a technology that should not be wrong, such as VAR. Some experts spoke about the implementation of the Hawk’s Eye to avoid unnecessary controversy.

However, a former player of the Puebla came out to explain his position in the Chivas tournament against America, because he considers that the refereeing body and the VAR could have done more in that play that ended up being annulled. That is why, without mincing words, he comments that the referee sided with the azulcrema team.

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We are talking about Alberto “The Deer” Medina, left a publication that says the following: “Raise your face boys, you fought and fought at all times despite having played against 12 and you can’t do that. Today more than ever, proud to be from Chivas!” commented the former from Puebla and Chivas.

How much would the Hawk’s Eye implementation cost?

According to SDP Noticias, the implementation of the Hawk’s Eye would cost around 100 million pesos per year. Something no greater than what is paid with the VAR, because according to Goal Argentina, the cost of the VAR per season is also around 100 million pesos per year. We will see what Liga MX rules.

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