Will there be face-to-face classes tomorrow at CDMX after the earthquake? This was announced by the SEP

Behind the earthquake of magnitude 7.7 registered during this Monday, several states of Mexico announced that they would suspend face-to-face classes tomorrow, so it began to speculate if in Mexico City (CDMX) the same would happen.

In this sense, the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) announced this Monday that face-to-face school activities in public Basic Education schools continue normally in both shifts.

“Mothers and fathers, tutors, teachers and support staff are informed that classes remain unchanged, so students can safely go to their school campuses,” the unit spread in a release.

He added that, in coordination with the Federal Educational Authority of Mexico City and with local Civil Protection authorities, a first tour of the schools was carried out and, so far, no structural damage has been recorded in the schools of the country’s capital.

However, he explained that in the coming days he will maintain the tours of inspection in the 6,849 public and private schools to detect any structural damage to the buildings.

“School activities in public schools of basic education are carried out normally in both shifts in the country’s capital. Students, mothers and fathers of families are encouraged to stay informed through the institutional channels of their schools”, indicated the SEP.

This occurs after at least five states in the country they suspended classes in their evening shifts in order to safeguard the lives of students as well as to review the campuses.

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In Michoacán, the Ministry of Education reported that classes were suspended in Coalcomán, Aquila, Chinicuila, Arteaga, Aguililla, Buenavista, Coahuayana, Apatzingán, Tumbiscatío and Tepalcatepec. This in a preventive way after the earthquake registered this Monday.

They added that they expect classes to return until Wednesday, September 21.

In Morelos, the state Ministry of Education reported that the basic and upper secondary levels, as well as private institutions, suspended activities until the authorities inspect the educational establishments in the entity.

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