What is the “oxidation field” that surrounds our body (and how can its discovery improve our lives)

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Two kinetic schemes where the chemical reaction around the bodies is seen.

image source, University of California at Irvine


The “oxidation field” around us looks like an aura of energy

That people emit chemical components -by breathing or perspiring, for example- was something that was known. That we can transform other substances and, along the way, “clean” our environment, no.

That is precisely what a group of scientists from the Mak Planck Institute of Chemistry (Germany) together with researchers from the United States and Denmark: We have an “oxidation field” that changes the chemistry around us.

Both outside and inside our homes, in transport or at work, we are exposed to a multitude of chemicals and pollutants. From paints, gas emissions or even what we produce with activities such as cooking or cleaning.

Outside, these chemicals often disappear naturally. How? With an infallible formula: ultraviolet rays, coming from the sun, water vapor and ozone.

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