What is the minimum age to drive an electric scooter?

One of the rules that is easier without an audience, but our regulations indicate what the minimum age is.

What is the minimum age to drive an electric scooter?

It is usually usual see minors and children driving an electric scooter. The recent regulations have set an age from which it can be legally circulated. If you want to know what it is, in this article we are going to provide the keys on the use of the electric scooter in minors.

Father and son skateboarding

The regulations already dictate a minimum age of use.

Minimum age to ride an electric scooter

The minimum age in Spain to ride an electric scooter legally has been fixed at 16 years. In any case, it is a fork in which you are still a minor. Therefore, if a person who has reached the age of 16 circulates on an electric scooter and causes an accident, those responsible will be the parents or legal guardians.

That is the reason why, if an electric scooter is going to be insured, the possibility of informing the insurance that there will be someone under 18 who will also drive it is considered. You have to think that an electric scooter is not any kind of toy, Only those that do not have an engine and are not capable of exceeding 6 km/h by human traction are considered. In addition, toy scooters are allowed to circulate on sidewalks, while an electric scooter is not.

What is the minimum age to drive an electric scooter?

Electric scooters have changed mobility in the city Intu Xanadú

But we must highlight a rule, it is very common see a father and his son circulating on the same scooter. The adult may come to think that in this way they are not breaking any type of regulation. big mistake, the electric scooter is exclusively for personal use, two people cannot go under any circumstances. The chances of having an accident increase exponentially.

yes there is an exception

Can your 12-year-old son ride an electric scooter? Although the regulations indicate that you cannot, you can use the electric scooter as long as you are wearing the regulation helmet, you are responsible for it, do not lose sight of it, and you are in a place closed to traffic. It can be a park or a patio.

On the other hand, many cities are legislating individually based on state regulations. There are cities where the minimum age to drive an electric scooter has been lowered. Currently, the cities that have ruled on the matter dictate this age.

  • Barcelona: minimum age 16 years.
  • Madrid: minimum age 15 years.
  • Pamplona: minimum age 14 years.
  • Seville: minimum age 15 years.
  • Valencia: minimum age 16 years.

We will have to remain attentive to the rest of the cities, since the increase in electric scooter users is encouraging many cities to launch their own regulations. But if you tell us otherwise, the minimum age will always be 16 years.

On the other hand, although the learning curve of an electric scooter is high, that is, it is mastered in a very short time, it is necessary to dedicate a little effort to circulate correctly and ride well with greater guarantees. To do this, there is nothing better than choosing a closed place or one with minimal traffic.

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