What is the history of Gamesa and who owns it?

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If you live in Mexico, it is very likely that you have tried any of Gamesa’s products, such as the famous Rich Assortmentthe cookies Emperor or the traditional ones Marias, but what is its history and who owns it? We tell you.

The Gamesa company was born in Mexico in 1921 after the brothers Alberto, Ignacio and Manuel Santos González acquired 50 percent of the shares of the Lara, SA factory, highlights the Superbrands organization.

One of its first products was the maria cookieswhich for approximately 100 years have been on the tables of hundreds of Mexicans.

But for the year 1948 the owners changed the name to their corporate name and Galletera Mexicana SA was born, although it would only be until 1978 when they began to be called Gamesa, which means Santos Mexican Cookie.

Like its name, its logo has changed over time: in 1948 the brand name was floating on a red cloud, but around 1979 a Dutch designer, Arie Johannes Geurts Verstegen, created the characteristic G that has had some variations over time, according to PepsiCo.

Who is the owner of Gamesa?

By 1990, Gamesa ceased to be a family business and joined PepsiCo’s portfolio of brands, which also included the Pepsi Cola beverage brands, Sabritas snacks, Quaker Oats oats, and Maizoro cereals, among others.

PepsiCo, a company that has several brands and sells its products in more than 200 countries, has a presence in more than 1 million stores in Mexico.

The main shareholders of the multi-brand company, including Gamesa, are Vanguard Group with 9.06 percent of the shares, black rock with 7.65 percent and State Street Corporation with 4.22 percent, so it does not have a single owner, according to information from Yahoo Finance. _With information from Yahoo Finance

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