VLA. This is how the earthquake was experienced in a live broadcast on TV Azteca | VIDEO

The earthquake of today September 19, 2022 that was felt in Mexico City, with a magnitude of 7.7 and with its epicenter in Michoacán, it caused commotion, a nervous breakdown in several citizens. However, the tremor was recorded in some television programs that were broadcast live, such as in come the joy of TV Azteca.

During the food segment of the morning show come the joythe cast was surprised by the earthquake today, September 19, 2022.


The cameras focused on Ismael Zhu ‘El Chino’, when suddenly the sound of the seismic alert warned them and they reacted. Ricardo Casares interrupted the moment and together with Roger González, he warned what was happening.

“Sorry to interrupt you, they tell me that I think the seismic alert is sounding,” Ricardo Casares said.

Before the alert call, The Chinese He mentioned that they would pause the recipe and that they were attentive to follow the instructions. Meanwhile, Roger González was nervous that he even continued to try food.

“I hope that someone can give me instructions, let’s be calm just as the protocol dictates, you at home who are listening to the seismic alert, get out, it seems that we are going to connect with Azteca Noticias, we are going to get out, we are going to follow the protocol ” , reported Ricardo Casares.

Moments later, the shot come the joy showed part of the cast outside the forum. Sergio Sepúlveda was in charge of taking the floor. He asked to remain calm and reinforced the importance of drills.

Beside him was Patricio Borgetti, Laura G and Anette Cuburu, who were disillusioned and worried about the earthquake with a magnitude of 7.7 just a few minutes before the drill took place.

“Right now we are on the outskirts of Forum 6 of TV Azteca, we just heard a seismic alarm, they told us that it is not a drill, but well we are doing what we were talking about just a few minutes ago in the drill and at this moment we connect with our news partners”, concluded the presenter.

After returning from the special news broadcast, the VLA show returned to normal, only to dismiss the broadcast.


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