Viridiana reacts to Yusef’s elimination

Yusef continues to give what to talk about in social networks, since its elimination of Survivor Mexico has been the subject of divided opinions among viewers and fans.

Yusef and Viridiana reaffirm their relationship with an amulet in Survivor.

Let’s remember that all the survivors came together to eliminate the biologist from the competition. The strategy was to vote for Yusefwhile Catalina used her medallion to

invalidate his vote.

Having no one to go to Extinction Game, Yusef became the eliminated Survivor Mexico facing the Grand Final. The biologist said he was disappointed in David Ortega and Cyntia, who betrayed him by voting for him.

the last week of Survivor Mexico finally started, so Survivor Mexico is about to meet the champion of this third season.

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Yusef becomes the eliminated Survivor Mexico.

Viridiana reacts to Yusef’s elimination

viridianawho had a fleeting romance with Yusef within Survivor Mexico, he took to his social networks to demonstrate in the face of the recent elimination of the participant from Survivor Mexico.

“I am very upset with the Jaguares who stayed. How is it possible that they voted for him? Being in fusion I don’t understand it. How is it possible that nine people had to come together to get it out?” He said on his Instagram account and later expressed that no one is worthy of winning the reality show.

“I don’t see one of the people left as a worthy winner of Survivor Mexico. Yus was at number one every week of the competition, that caused him to be attacked a lot,” he continued.

Finally, the mountaineer dedicated this message to the biologist: “Yus, I am very proud of you, of how you showed us your greatness, heart and nobility. You reacted in a dignified way. It only remains to turn the page. New goals will come for you and new peaks.”

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