Video: Father and son beat a drunk relative to death and leave him tied to a pole

A dad and his son murdered to one of his relatives who suffered addiction problems when the two attacked him, after he began to hit the young man’s father, who, seeing that they were both fighting, took a wooden stick to defend his father and hit the aggressor.

The attack occurred last Friday afternoon at a home located on the corner of Fortín Güemes and Fortín Mercedes streets in the Buenos Aires town of General Rodriguez in Argentina. The incident was documented by a home video surveillance camera.

The father identified as Maximilian Enrique Hugo Ivaldi 45 years old, and her son Ezequiel Matias Suarez 27, were arrested after the attack made against the Ivaldi’s brother-in-law, called Matias da Silva 37 years old.

In the short film, it begins when Matías is with a girl in the courtyard, and when he sees Maximiliano Ivaldi going towards a parked car, suddenly the brother-in-law attacks his relative from behind with a kick in his legsso he starts a fight.

Seeing the melee, suddenly on one of the sides where Matías was, you see the moment when Ezequiel takes a large wooden stick to impact the head of his father’s attacker, there the young man’s father takes the opportunity to grab his brother-in-law by the neck until he manages to throw him to the ground.

He was tied up with gunshot wounds to his leg.

Once the brother-in-law has subdued, his nephew goes to where he is lying with the wooden stick in his hand to keep hitting him. Suddenly, in the shot you see that the boy pulls a gun from his waist and you shoot to his uncle who was drunk.

The boy defended his dad. Photo: Screenshot

The bullet impacts hit one of Matías’ legs, which caused the man to lose consciousness along with the impacts he received with the wooden stick on his head. Once subdued, Matías was tied to a post until the emergency services arrived at the scene.

The paramedics arrived after receiving a call for help to 911 made by the same relatives of Matías, but when checking the man, they found that he had already lost his life. Both father and son were arrested for the man’s murder.

Police found a revolver at the scene of the attack. 32 caliber short, four cartridges, a pod served and a piece of wood about 60 centimeters long, according to information from the local media TN, which indicated that the victim was addicted to alcoholic beverages.


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