Tun Tun: This was the inhuman end of the beloved actor of the Cine de Oro

“The Tun Tun” He is remembered for his funny performances in different comic films belonging to the so-called Golden Age of Mexican Cinema and for his mischievous appearances in multiple productions of the File Films, however, rarely talk about his personal life, which was full of tragedies, so this time we will tell you how hard his life was outside the recording sets and we will also tell you how was his inhuman end.

The real name of the “Tun Tun” was Jose Rene Ruiz Martinezwho was born on November 22, 1932 in Tampico, Tamaulipas and because since birth he was diagnosed with dwarfismhis father considered this condition as “abnormal” and With the intention of “protecting” him from the teasing of other children, he chose to seclude him for much of his childhood, so their ability to socialize was severely affected.

“El Tun Tun” made his film debut at the age of 17. Photo: Special

During his adolescence, Ruiz Martinez he started working for a living and when he was around 17 he met Rocío Gentz, a dancer who was responsible for bringing him closer to the world of entertainment and who years later would also become his wife.

In his early days, the beloved actor He was identified with the nicknames of “Cayo” or “Gulliver”However, when he started working with German Valdes “Tin Tan” began to be known as “Tun Tun”which is a variation of the nickname of the renowned comedian and since then his fame began to grow because, in addition to being talented and likeable, he was one of the few small-sized actors in Mexican cinema.

During the so-called Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, “Tun Tun” managed to participate in dozens of films, but when the most glorious period of national cinema ended, the beloved actor was relegated and for some years his career was stagnant, although he participated in some productions sporadically.

“Tun Tun” was a benchmark of file films. Photo: Special

It was in the mid-1970s when the career of “El Tun Tun” once again had considerable momentum and this was due to the emergence of the so-called File Cinema or Sexycomedias, where he became a benchmark thanks to the naturalness with which he said his mischievous dialogues.

The best years of Jose Rene Ruiz Martinez were during the 1980s and Because he was one of the most sought-after actors of the moment, he managed to amass a significant fortune.however, it is known that in the late 1980s his wife and mother of his children lor stripped all your money, so the actor was plunged into a deep emotional and economic crisis that led him to have to move to the Casa del Actor, where he finally spent his last years of life.

“Tun Tun” lost his entire fortune in the final stretch of his life. Photo: Special

In the early 1990s, “Tun Tun” he continued to appear in different productions, however, he was no longer the same, furthermore, at that time the Film of Files went into decline and was in October 1993 when the beloved actor lost his life due to a sudden heart attack when he was about to turn 61 years old.


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