Tremor today: These damages are reported in Guadalajara and Zapopan after an earthquake

this monday afternoon A 7.4-degree tremor was recorded with an epicenter to the south in Coalcomán, Michoacánwhich was perceived in Jalisco and other states.

In this regard, the inter-municipal coordinator of Civil Protection and Firefighters in Zapopan and Guadalajara, Sergio Ramírez, pointed out that so far no injured persons, no fatalities, nor significant damage have been reported.

“There are no reports of injured people derived from the earthquake, in some places the evaluation continues to identify some type of risk, we do not have relevant reports so far,” said the rescuer.

He mentioned that a couple of people with nervous breakdowns were treated and said that in Guadalajara pieces of quarry fell in the temples of San Agustín and La Merced.

There was, he said, a gas leak in the Corona Market, where the gas supply was closed and it did not go any further.


Ramírez recommended that inside his home check that there are no cracks or fractures and asked to observe all the connections of the services of the home.

“Now after the earthquake check for cracks or fracturesdamage to the facilities of your home, gas, water or electric power installations, if there is any type of damage, send it to 911 so that it can be channeled to the corresponding authority, “he said.

Also, Sergio Ramírez stressed that all of Jalisco classes will be suspended in the evening shift to inspect the school facilities in detail.

“Classes are suspended in the evening shift, by protocol the educational infrastructure in the state still had to be reviewed, it is normal protocol in some cases and for students to return normally,” he said.


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