Transforming access to health and well-being at work

Health means making decisions and knowing who to ask to be well informed, said Javier Cardona, founder and CEO of the telemedicine and wellness company 1DOC3, at the opening of the third edition of Wellbeing Talks, a meeting that brought together businessmen and managers from Mexico to exchange ideas and strategies related to wellness and productivity at work.

Under the title “Transforming access to occupational health and well-being”, the event focused on sharing strategies that enhance work environments in a safe and healthy manner, and brought together executives from Barra Rino, Cummins, Delta Top Talent, Engie, Essity , Grupo Eva, MDS, Productos Verde Valle, Pseudoanónimo, RI Alpla, Soriano Ariza y Asociados, Sushi Roll, TQM Customer Solutions, UPL, Viajes El Corte Inglés and We are the Robots.

One of the first topics was the use that users make of tools like Google for health issues. Katherine Montaña, Product Manager of 1DOC3, talked about this in her presentation, entitled “Dr. Google, the habit of looking for your symptoms on the Internet”, where he reported that every minute there are 70,000 queries on Google about health – surpassing searches for the weather or the state of the traffic – and, of these, only 10 obtain a response certified by a professional .

“I invite you to make responsible use of technologies regarding health. We are amazed at how health technology has transformed our lives, because it truly has. There are new advances: artificial intelligence, virtual reality, telemedicine, nanotechnology and what is coming, but it is our responsibility as users to manage it well, inform ourselves and always have the guidance of a doctor. Let the experts do their thing,” said Montaña.

As a complement, Dr. Ariana Cea, director of Health of 1DOC3 Mexico, presented examples of users who came to 1DOC3 full of ignorance and concerns due to the use or misuse of Google for health queries. “We explain each patient in detail, we ask, we orient, we guide and we follow up, since the correct use of technological tools allows a user to be attended to quickly, timely, precisely and above all by experts, which is not It will only impact on that health need that you have, but on the psychological area of ​​the user, giving him confidence and peace of mind,” said Dr. Cea.

Finally, a discussion panel addressed the main factors that guarantee well-being, moderated by Erick Vargas, commercial manager for Mexico of 1DOC3, and in which Dr. Cea participated; Marsella Bermudez, Human Performance & Health Manager of Constellation Brands; Carmela Pineda, People Experience Manager; and Fabricio Bustos, Head of People Experience, these last two executives of the financial management software company Mendel.

For Pineda, motivation is a feeling of well-being, since the collaborator wants his physiological need to be covered, to feel good, while Bermudez added that, for her, the basis is security, that he feels protected –for example– from not have no accident within the company, since the company’s commitment is to take care of its employees before any report or production issue.

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