This is the moving meaning of the flowers on the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II

The flowers that rest on the coffin of the Queen isabel II were chosen by the king charles iii and they have a poignant meaning, as revealed by the royal family. The beautiful floral arrangement accompanied the monarch’s crown, while a royal banner covered the coffin that was transferred to London for the sovereign’s funeral.

The flower arrangement has a special meaning | AFP

What do the flowers on Queen Elizabeth’s coffin mean?

The arrangement was assembled with several cut flowers of the gardens of the royal residences, and of all of them there is one that has a special meaning, since it is a myrtle which was cut from a myrtle cultivated plant in the wedding bouquet of Queen Elizabeth II, reported the royal family.

Through the Twitter account of the British royals, it was highlighted that the foliage of rosemary, English oak, myrtle, gold, pink and white burgundy flowers, was a request of the King Charles III.

King Charles III’s note on Queen Elizabeth’s coffin flowers

The flowers were accompanied by a emotional note written by King Carlos III, who dedicated a few lines to his mother. According to the photos of the moment, the writing represents the love and devotion towards the monarch.

“In loving and devoted memory. Carlos R,” the note reads.

Note from King Charles III on the flowers of the queen’s coffin | AFP

the death of the Queen isabel II brought out a sentimental side of king Charles III, who should continue with the monarchy in the United Kingdom.

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