They will install shelters in Colima after an earthquake; classes are suspended

The Government of Colima will install shelters so that citizens can spend the night while the authorities assess the damage to their households after the earthquake of magnitude 7.7 registered this Monday.

At a press conference, Governor Indira Vizcaino He explained that the installation of two temporary shelters is planned, one in Tecoman and another in chamomilewhere damage was reported.

These facilities will be open from this Monday afternoon, assured the president.

In addition, classes were suspended at all levels while Civil Protection reviews the educational establishments to assess the damage.

According to the authorities, in chamomile, Colimaone person died due to the fall of a fence of a shopping center in that citybeing so far the only death reported by this sinister.

Just minutes after a drill was carried out to remember the preventive measures in case of an earthquake and to commemorate the earthquakes of this same day in 1985 and 2017, a new telluric movement generated panic among the inhabitants of the capital and of western states and center of the country.

In this regard, the National Seismological Service of the UNAM assured that the coincidence of dates of the earthquakes on September 19 “It deserves to open new lines of scientific research. It must be done seriously and methodically. In science, new questions require appropriate answers.

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