They reveal how was the private burial of Queen Elizabeth II

The day came and the body of the Queen isabel II She was taken to Windsor Castle, where she lies with her husband, parents and sister. After the death, which occurred on September 8, the mortal remains were taken from Scotland to London. In England The funeral was held in which hundreds of international leaders were present, while the burial was carried out privately. However, some details of this ceremony came to light. Find out here how the private burial was.

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Who was present at the private burial of Queen Elizabeth II?

For the funeral of the monarch, the presence of world leaders was required, such as the kings of Spain, Jordan, the presidents of the United States, Joe Biden; from France, Emmanuel Macron; and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard. Also, members of the royal family attended, the latter were the only ones who witnessed the private burial of the sovereign.

Royal family at the queen’s funeral | AFP

How was the private burial of Queen Elizabeth II?

According to a high-ranking source present at the private burial of the Queen Isabel II, during the act without an audience “there were tears” among those present, “but at least His Majesty is now at peace.” During the public funeral, several royals were seen crying over the death of the monarch.

Funeral of Queen Elizabeth | AFP

King Charles III travels to Scotland

MailOnline affirmed that once the sovereign’s farewell ceremony was over, the king charles iii traveled until Balmoral, where the queen died on September 8, so she could mourn her mother in private.

The queen consort Camilla is with the king to accompany him in difficult times for British royalty.

King Charles III and the Queen Consort | AFP

England tries to return to his normal activities after losing his queen for 7 decades and while welcoming a new king.

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