They evacuate offices in Querétaro after an earthquake of 7.4 registered today

Citizens and Civil Protection, as well as employees of various dependencies were carrying out the National Macro Drill 2022 made in commemoration of the earthquakes of 2019 and 1985, when the new earthquake was felt today, September 19.

According to National Seismological, today’s earthquake was of 7.4 located south of Coalcoman, Michoacan.

The head of the State Coordination of Civil Protection of Querétaro, Javier Amayareported in a quick interview that so far no injured or affected people had been recorded, however, they would continue monitoring information to rule them out.

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Likewise, those responsible for Civil Protection from each of the areas of the government offices of the state of Querétaro, met to receive instructions from the elements of the State Coordination on the review of the properties.

Among the evacuated buildings are:

  • Government Palace (in Plaza de Armas)
  • Corporate White
  • General Hospital
  • Queretaro Congress Center
  • Monterey Tech
  • Corporate offices in South Center

Social network users reported that the earthquake was felt in various parts of the metropolitan area, also ruling out any risk or affectation in their neighborhoods. Likewise, users also reported damage to the cell phone service.

Meanwhile, in Mexico City, the head of the capital’s government, Claudia Sheinbaum, did not report any damages, however, she made a roll call of the report in each mayor’s office.

“In each of the demarcations we have a representative of the Head of Government. They report to me that there is no record of incidents in the City,” she said.


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