The worst defending champion in Liga MX history

The worst championship. Go that Atlas He knew how to reach glory in the last year, but after his two-time championship he has returned to the shadows of Mexican soccer, which makes him the worst defending champion in the MX League.

And it is that after his position in the Opening 2022 and the points achieved show that not only good history can be made, but also negative and they are one game away from achieving it, whatever their result.

In the MX League there is some evidence that championship status has an effect on the winner of the last tournament, as well as the Montereywho won the 2019 Apertura, and in the 2020 Clausura only added five points, but that tournament was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and does not go up in the record.

Diego Cocca, red and black coach

The Cougarswho were the first two-time Mexican soccer champion team, went through a situation like that of the foxes in 2004, because after winning two titles in a row, they only added 14 units, losing 11 games, drawing two and only winning four times to finish in 16th place.

Atlas He lives the same situation and nothing will take him away as the worst defending champion, since he is in position 17 after winning twice, drawing four and losing 10, which places him with only 10 units.

Atlas celebrating the CL22 title

One game from the end of the Opening 2022those of Diego Coca they will not be able to reach even the sum of the university students in 2004 and will write his name as the worst defending champion of short tournaments in the MX Leaguealthough no one will take away his bi-championship.


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