The Rock’s mistake with the abdominal wheel exercise

    The abdominal wheel is, without a doubt, one of the best exercises, if not the best, to train and define your abs. and Dwayne Johnson, rock, He is the one who knows best. For something he is the strongest and most muscular actor in Hollywood, as well as the highest paid. But in this video that he has published on instagram doing the exercise we put a but. Let’s see if you think the same as us…

    In the images, The Rock appears doing the abdominal wheel with a friend, but perhaps it goes up and down too quickly. In our experience, much more benefit is obtained from this exercise by controlling the eccentric and concentric phase as much as possible, slowing down the rhythm as much as possible. You will do fewer repetitions yes, but the tension in your abs and the core area will be greater. (How to use the abdominal wheel to mark your abs).





    The Rock’s technique with the abdominal wheel

    That the actor does the exercise well, okay, but that he could do it better, too. What do you think? Good technique, but pace too fast we think. For the rest, perfect: straight back, looking at the ground or slightly forward, arms well stretched, abdomen in tension, and in sync with his friend, it seems like a choreography! (How much does The Rock earn to be the highest paid actor in the world?).

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