The prize that Televisa and FMF would give to the VAR referee for annulling Chivas’ goal

The prize they would give the VAR judge for annulling the goal
The prize they would give the VAR judge for annulling the goal

Chivas from Guadalajara was harmed in the classic against America, a club that left doubts because the result might have changed from the moment this controversial move was made by Ochoa, but which can be seen in images, the ball entered.

But there is an issue in question that generates controversy. is that the judge Adonai Escobedo he was never warned on the subject to at least get close to the screen to see the play. A case that attracts attention and that would not have been reported in the VAR.

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It is that the person responsible for this match, according to the Liga MX report, was the referee Erick Yair Mirandawho would be awarded by the FMF, all because the judge is considered one of the best, managing this tool.

What award would you give the VAR judge?

The prize they would give him is a trip with all expenses paid to Paraguay, where the FMF conducts training on arbitration issues with the Ecuadorian Football Federation. This meeting will take place in Paraguay.

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