The PAN was weakened in the Senate of the Republic, Raúl Paz Alonzo joined Morena

Raúl Paz Alonzo left the PAN bench and joins Morena (Photo: Twitter / @RaulPazMx)
Raúl Paz Alonzo left the PAN bench and joins Morena (Photo: Twitter / @RaulPazMx)

In the midst of one of the most important discussions on security in the Senate of the Republicthe legislator Raul Paz Alonzoof the National Action Party (BREAD) he abandoned his party to join the ranks of the National Regeneration Movement (Brunette).

The announcement was made this Tuesday, September 20, the day the Senate plenary session read the initiative that proposes that Sedena continues to be both operationally and administratively responsible for the National Guard until 2028.

In this regard, the parliamentary journalist Leticia Robles de la Rosa wrote on his official Twitter account: “The betrayal was not from the PRI but from the PAN. Raúl Paz Alonzo leaves the PAN caucus in the Senate and goes to Morena. Now Morena is missing 10… not 11 votes (to approve the initiative in relation to the National Guard).”

On his own, Mario Delgado, national president of Morena, explained why Paz Alonzo joined the icing party. Since, through a video, he highlighted the trajectory of the federal legislator and mentioned his purpose for the Fourth Transformation (4T).

“He is a senator for Yucatan, his state, where he has a great career: he has been a local deputy, coordinator of local deputies, federal deputy and we have invited him to be the national liaison commissioner with the business sector”

He stressed that his job will be to listen to businessmen, collect their concerns and report on what the president’s government has done. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) with the economy: “taxes have not increased, the gas prices are over, the country has not been indebted, the privileges are over in government and fight corruption.

Mario Delgado celebrated the accession of the PAN (Photo: Twitter / @RaulPazMx)
Mario Delgado celebrated the accession of the PAN (Photo: Twitter / @RaulPazMx)

He also highlighted the historical investments in social support for vulnerable sectors and megaprojects. He also recalled that Mexico is among the 10 countries with the highest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): “there are moments of definitions in politics: either you are with the people or you are with a minority that is not interested in the welfare of the people.

This change was made at an opportune time for the political agenda pushed by BrunetteBecause in the Union Congressparticularly in the Senate, an important part of the national security strategy is being discussed, since the senators have at their doorstep the constitutional reform that extends the domain of the Sedena in the GN until 2028.

In this regard, it should be noted that when the National Guard, in 2019it was the Senate that specified that the Secretary of Defense would be in charge of this corporation until March 2024; however, recognizing the security crisis in Mexico, the PRI in the Chamber of Deputies he proposed to extend this four more years.

The rearrangement of power in the Senate favors Morena and, at the same time, weakens the PAN (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
The rearrangement of power in the Senate favors Morena and, at the same time, weakens the PAN (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

And it is that for this initiative to be approved, a qualified majority is needed, that is, of the 128 senators, 86 must support the reform and the problem that the PRI faces in San Lázaro and Q4 is that the PRI in the Senate took a position against this proposal, because, like the PAN, PRD, MC and GPPconsider that it is the promotion of militarism in Mexico.

Repeatedly, during a press conference, Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, coordinator of the PRI in the Senate, set a position against the proposal of his colleagues in the Lower House. Similarly, Senator Claudia Ruiz-Massieuduring the discussion of the united commissions, took a position against it, so a vote could be expected, at least, divided in the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which puts the qualified majority at risk.

Likewise, Ricardo Monreal, coordinator of the Morena bench in the Senate, said that despite seeking agreement with the opposition leaders, they could not find enough votes to support this constitutional reform.


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