The number of deaths rose to two after the 7.7 earthquake in Colima

Gym roof collapsed leaving a person dead (Photo: Twitter/@OscarAdrianL)
Gym roof collapsed leaving a person dead (Photo: Twitter/@OscarAdrianL)

Tonight the unfortunate was reported death of a second person in the state of Colimaas a result of the earthquake recorded this afternoon September 19th.

In accordance with Civil protection of the state, the body of the person was located among the remains of a gym in the city of Manzanillo. He was expected to be alive, however he perished.

“At the moment it is confirmed that the person who was trapped in Bay Point Squareunfortunately it was located lifeless. At this time the staff is carrying out work to recover the victim.”

According to local media, the deceased would be a man named Rafael “N”, who was a radio businessman and manager of Turquoise Radio. This information has not been confirmed by the authorities.

Before the sensitive news was released on social networks, a video in which it is observed the collapsed roof of the gym in question located in Plaza Punto Bahía. In that fragment it was seen and heard that there were people trapped below in the rubble.

“Are you okay?” Asked the citizen who was recording. “No, there are people trapped”, replied another person who was in front and on the roof.

Unfortunately, the Civil Protection elements would not have been able to rescue the man alive who was trapped between the beam and a collapsed ceiling. With it, the balance would be two people deceased so far. The other was a person who died outside a Manzanillo department store.

The first human loss was confirmed during the afternoon by the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. After speaking with Admiral José Rafael Ojeda Durán, Secretary of the Navy, he was informed the death of a person due to the fall of a fence of a shopping center in Manzanillo. He also specified that the fence was from a Coppel store.

“Admiral José Rafael Ojeda Durán, Secretary of the Navy, informed me that One person was killed by a falling fence at a shopping mall. in Manzanillo, Colima”, wrote the federal executive on his Twitter account.

Likewise, local media affirmed that landslides were registered in the Manzanillo-Colima highway, on the Colima to Tecomán road. On the other hand, Civil Protection ruled out the danger of a tsunami on the coast of the entity.

For her part, the governor of Colima, Indira Vizcaino, reported the suspension of classes on Monday, as well as that they continued to review and evaluate the material damage and human losses after the earthquake.

And it is that it was during the afternoon of this Monday that the earthquake of 7.7 degrees on the Richter scale with epicenter at Coalcoman, Michoacanwhich affected several states in central Mexico and which occurred moments after the National Drill.

Mexicans were shaken again on Monday by a tragic coincidence.  An earthquake of magnitude 7.7 (Photo: AFP)
Mexicans were shaken again on Monday by a tragic coincidence. An earthquake of magnitude 7.7 (Photo: AFP)

In the case of Michoacán, at least 21 buildings with structural damage were registered after the earthquake.

“The Government of Michoacán, through its Secretariats of Health and Public Safety, jointly assess the effects on public buildings and hospitals in the Health Sector to safeguard the lives of the population (…); so far there is a report of structural damage to 21 hospitals, ”said the SSM and SSP in a joint statement.

Until now, the SSN has registered more than 200 replicasof which the highest was 5.3 degrees.


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