The harsh revelation of Óscar Jiménez about Guillermo Ochoa in America

Without feeling like a substitute despite the few minutes played, the goalkeeper revealed what it is like to work with Memo and the ambitions he has in Coapa.

Jiménez highlighted the relationship he has with Ochoa.
© picture 7Jiménez highlighted the relationship he has with Ochoa.

America has a couple of friendly matches this week in the United States and the goalkeeper in both will be Oscar Jimenezevery time Guillermo Ochoa will have activity with the Mexican National Team. In that sense, the goalkeeper said he was happy for this new opportunity to show himself and make use of the minutes he has on the pitch.

“The truth is that I’m very happy, I’ve always said it, I prepare very well, I train hard, I’m looking for an opportunity. I want when I have to play to do it in the best way, for that I prepare myself. I will not stop insisting and the few or many opportunities I have, I will take advantage of them. I appreciate the confidence in Tano (Ortiz) for the match against Necaxa that I played. Not having that regularity after so long and continuing to do things well leaves me calm because I know how professional I’ve been. Playing continues to motivate me a lot, I feel committed to the institution and now in these upcoming games, take advantage of them. It’s a friendly match, but all the fans that are going to see us are going to want a good game and see us win.”he expressed.

In the same tenor, Jiménez made it clear that at no time during his stay in Coapa has he felt like the team’s substitute goalkeeper, on the contrary, he trains to the maximum to be able to play and be in the best possible condition every time you have to be under the three posts of the Millionaires.

I’ve always said it, I don’t feel like a substitute, I don’t feel like a bench, I work to be able to play. I keep training, I look for opportunities, I take advantage of every game and I do it in the best way so that it doesn’t stay in me. What happens next, we don’t know, but I keep in mind that every game that touches me has to be seen as the starting goalkeeper and more so in this institution that there are no excuses. The opportunities are few, but they are two beautiful games that I am going to play. I’m ready for a chance.”shared.


When questioned about the relationship he has with Guillermo Ochoa and how he is daily in training, Óscar had nothing but positive words for his partnerwhom he sees as an element with a long journey and hierarchy, in addition to highlighting him as a great person.

I have time to be with Memo (Ochoa) and he is a great companion, a great person, someone very simple. From the beginning we made a good group knowing his hierarchy and what he has in games and World Cups. When he is a partner, he is one more. He is the leader with all the youngsters who come up, I have a very good relationship with him, when I have to play he supports me. The most important thing is the institution. He is a great person, leader and I am lucky to have a partner like him. I try to learn him”hill.

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