The fight for the 2022 Apertura Scoring Title for Henry Martín is complicated

Monday, September 19, 2022

They say that “would have” does not exist, but in case Henry Martin would have made the annotation criminal via Athletic Saint Louis, there would be less of a problem for the Yucatecan to take this scoring title and arrive with less pressure for the last date. However, it did not happen and now it is time to define everything in the last confrontation.

Although the striker America club He has become the highest scoring Mexican in the MX League, with his both in the National Classic reached 10 annotations, thus tying Nicholas Ibanez. The problem is that the striker from Pachuca had not yet played his duel and before his goal in that last game he beat Henry by a target.

Now there are 11 Nico’s goals and there is only one date left for both to fight for that distinguished position. For neither of them it will be easy, since the opponents they will face on the last day are complicated and achieving the goal will be more difficult. The feat would be for the Americanist, who would reverse a bad streak of 9 years without the Eagles They had a scoring champion.

The statistics between Henry Martín and Nicolás Ibáñez

According to the goal average of the Argentine, he scores every 117 minutes, while the Mexican does it every 104, for very little, the opportunity is greater for the blue-cream striker. Even so, one more score for Henry, in addition to putting him in the fight for this title, would make him go down in the history of the institution, tying Antonio Carlos Santos as the team’s 13th goalscorer.

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