The extravagant demands that Messi had to renew his contract with Barcelona

The cry of Messi in his farewell to Barcelona

The crying of Messi in his farewell to Barcelona – Credits: @Joan Monfort

The Leo Messi’s departure from Barcelona was traumatic. It was August 5, 2021, that is, just over a year ago. Due to the impact it generated on the fans of the Catalan club, for the belief that it would be the entity in which he would play all his lifebecause of the economic and marketing consequences that the decision would have beyond eliminating the very high cost of their contract. And above all for the crack’s own farewell, on that day in which he was overwhelmed by emotions, surrounded by his family, teammates and friends. While in the vicinity of the stadium and on the streets of the city, most still could not believe.

Now, what was behind the scenes until D-day? doIt is true that Barcelona could not pay him more, by virtue of its delicate financial situation? Why didn’t they reach an agreement if Messi didn’t want to leave and Barcelona was far from wanting to part with the best in the world? Lots of crumb to cut. And now, the portal El Mundo, from Spain, has just published some of those behind the scenes, under the title of “Messi’s brutal demands on Barça: ‘Let them feel the sword on their head'”

The investigation of the newspaper El Mundo with Messi and the

The investigation of the newspaper El Mundo with Messi and the “Barçaleaks”

According to The World, These were some of Messi’s demands during a meeting of mails and documents between the club and Leo Messi’s environment…

A private box at the Camp Nou for his family and that of Luis Suárez; a flight in private plane for the whole family to Argentina at Christmas; a bonus of 10 million euros just for signing; recover the cuts due to the pandemic in the following years with 3% interest; or to be able to leave Barcelona whenever he wanted through a symbolic clause of 10,000 euros. These are just some of the draconian conditions, a plunder, which Leo Messi imposed in June 2020 to renew the biggest contract in sports history, for which he was already earning 74.9 million euros net per year, in the midst of the devastating social and economic impact caused by Covid. This follows from the chain of emails between his father and his representative, Jorge Messi, his lawyers and former president Josep Maria Bartomeu and the Barça executive leadership. EL MUNDO has had exclusive access to a huge amount of documentation and emails that are in the possession of the judicial investigation of the barcagate, and that also affect other great stars of the club in recent years such as Gerard Piqué or Neymar. Are the archives of the ruin, which will be revealed by this newspaper in the coming days, a true Barçaleaks that accredits to obscene extremes the greed of the footballers, with the number one in front”.

Let them feel the weight of the sword on their head”, came to write Messi’s father in one of the emails he addressed to Alfonso Nebot, director of the ‘Family office Leo Messi’ (the office that manages the career and fortune of the Argentine), the man who manages the fortune of the best player in the world at that time. Bartomeu came to accept the rosary of conditions imposed by the Messiall except the lower the termination clause from 700 million to 10,000 euroswhile conditioning the payment of the signing bonus of 10 million for the club to return to pre-pandemic income. But for the Messi this was not enough and they broke off the negotiations. The distance between both parties led shortly after to the sending of the burofax requesting to leave the club and in the resounding refusal of Bartomeu, having passed the deadline to execute the escape clause.


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