“The Damned Coincidence”; This is how the 7.7 earthquake was broadcast on Televisa and Azteca forums

On Monday afternoon there was a earthquake of magnitude 7.7 degrees with epicenter in Coalcoman, MichoacanGiven this, this is how various newscasts reacted during the live broadcast.

In TV Forum could be witnessed at the exact moment when, in full live broadcast, the seismic alertwhich caused the surprise of the presenters of said news space.

“It’s a very powerful earthquake,” the journalist is heard saying Karla Iberia Sanchezaccompanied by the news anchor Ana Lucia Ordonana, who show a face of concern for the magnitude of the tremor; however, they remained calm at all times.

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For his part, in the studio, the journalist Edward Salazar a phrase was detonated before the date on which the earthquake occurred, because both in the years of 1985 and 2017, on the same day, something similar happened. “The damn coincidence,” said the presenter.

Similarly, in the news DNA40 the journalist and presenter is observed, Maria Alejandra Molinakeeping calm at all times, despite the fact that the lamps in the studio begin to move.

“It still seems incredible that history is repeating itself,” said reporter Sarahi Uribe when connecting with the presenter at the moment the earthquake began.

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