The 3 consecrated artists with whom Raúl Velasco made a very ugly mistake

Raúl Velasco was one of the most beloved and successful producers and presenters in our country. For 28 years, he was the host of the music and variety show “Siempre en Domingo”, consisting of the presentation of celebrity characters combined with the promotion of lesser-known artists.

During the 28 years that he worked as the host of “Siempre en Domingo”, Velasco received dozens of artists on his program, but many times he decided to reject some of them for not having “enough talent”. However time was wise and those people whom Velasco rejected ended up becoming big stars.

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Joan Sebastian

Joan Sebastián was one of the people who attended the program of Raul Velasco in the 1970s but the host turned it down saying he didn’t have time to listen to it. Over time, Joan Sebastián became one of the most successful stars in our country and even won various international awards. Raúl Velasco acknowledged that he was wrong but said that he often acted with arrogance.

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Ricardo Montaner

When the Argentine arrived in Mexico, Raul Velasco he rejected it because “he did not like the way he dressed”. However, weeks later the driver heard him sing and invited him to his program. Ricardo Montaner assured that he never held a grudge against the driver of “Always on Sunday” and that over time they became great friends.


In the 90’s “La Reina del Tex Mex” was doing a small tour of our country, but at that time it was not so well known. Selena Quintanilla sought to perform in “Always on Sunday” but Raúl Velasco did not let her introduce herself since he did not know her. Octavio Esquerra, her artistic coordinator, ended up convincing him and Velasco accepted.

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