Tacos at 900 pesos; Yulay tests a restaurant in CDMX

  • It is estimated that within the national territory there are just over 50,000 taquerias.

  • The national gastronomy contributes to the national GDP, just over 2 percent.

  • In Mexico, just over 22.3 million tons of tacos are produced per year.

Within the national gastronomy, Tacos can be considered as the representative food before the world, this of course, without leaving out the great gastronomic tourism that the country can offer, so this food not only has a great impact within popular culture, but also within the economic flow and the nutrition of millions of Mexicans; however, this food can vary its costs significantly, as shown by content creator Yulay, who tried an order of tacos costing 900 pesos.

During 2019, the restaurant sector contributed just over 15.3 percent of tourism GDP, while according to data provided by the Government of Mexico, gastronomy contributes just over 2 percent of GDP, with taquerias being an important part of this contribution, since at present, it is estimated that within the national territory, there are just over 50,000 taquerias, with Morelia being the state that records the most, followed by Guanajuato, Sinaloa, Jalisco and Mexico City.

Tacos at 900 pesos; Yulay puts the restaurant to the test

Tacos are a fundamental piece of national gastronomy, so much so that according to SAGARPA, In Mexico, just over 22.3 million tons of tacos are produced per year. In the same way, it has been pointed out that the consumption of this food is just over 18 million tons, giving an average of 279 kilograms of consumption per person.

Likewise, figures provided by the GCE indicate that just over 81 percent of Mexicans consume this food as a snack, while 15.7 percent consider it a complete meal; being the cost of these one of the reasons that limit consumption, since on average the average cost of two people ranges from 250 to 300 pesos, although this can grow significantly, reaching 900 pesos per order, as content creator Yulay tells him.

@yulayfans The order of tacos that costs $900 #yulay #mexico #gastronomia ♬ original sound – Yulay Fans

Within the video you can see how the waiter offers an order of three Rib Eye tacos and a soft drink to the content creator, who points that the cost of the order of tacos is around 900 pesos, reason that has generated various reactions within the community, both defending the high cost of a food that has been considered popular and those who pay such an amount for three tacos is excessive.

“The price is really so high for the place and for the experience of eating those places, I am happy with street taquitos.” Bran

“People can give their tastes, if you don’t like it or buy it, but those who can and want go ahead”. Josephine Guillen

This is not the only taco rack that has become known for its cost, since within the limits of Edomex and CDMX, around the Santa Marta Metro facilities, there are some tacos that have become popular for offering this food at a weight, while places like the Grand Velas resort, in Los Cabos, have a taco for sale, with gold foil for just over 25 dollars, which would be around 500 thousand pesos.

The cost of tacos is important for millions of people, who come to this food for its flavor and practicality, a reason that has placed this food as one of the favorites for students, workers and, in general, every Mexican.

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