Raúl Velasco’s worst mistake, when he predicted that a renowned international artist would not go far

Selena Quintanilla Or simply “Selena“the queen of Tex Mex was on the program of Raúl Velasco in the 90s when the singer was all the rage for her songs and the way she interpreted them. As was logical the driver the first time she introduced herself she resisted it since he did not know her, but Selena Quintanilla had so much public and was so loved that the host of Always on Sunday he was surprised.

That is why that first time Raul Velasco he only let me sing two songs from the wide repertoire of Selena Quintanilla. As is well known, all the participants of the program had to be approved by the host who had the power to launch a new talent or bury it forever, which happened several times, and Selena was no exception.

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