Queen Elizabeth II is fired by the royal family with an unpublished photo and phrase from Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

Royal family fires Queen Elizabeth II with an unpublished photo. Photo: AFP

With a unpublished imagethe Royal family said goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8 at the age of 96. Through official social networks of the british royaltywas how the longest-serving monarch in the United Kingdom was fired.

This is how they said goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II

The picture shows the Queen isabel II in a countryside, wearing sunglassesa kerchief on the head and a coat in hand, and was accompanied with a phrase of “Hamlet”, work written by the emblematic British writer William Shakespeare.

“’May flights of angels sing to you for your rest.’ In loving memory of Her Majesty Her Queen. 1926 – 2022”.

Furthermore, the royal family, now headed by King Carlos III, also shared a Photography of coffin where rest the remains of the Queen isabel II, whom they recognized as mother, grandmother Y great-grandmother.

“Farewell to a Queen, a mother, a grandmother and a great-grandmother.”

Why did they fire the queen with a phrase from “Hamlet”?

The phrase that the family real used to fire the Queen isabel II, to whose funeral some heads of state were not required, it follows from act five of the work of William Shakespeare and, it is said, it is used by way of respect.

In the work of the British author, Horace holds, in his arms, his dying friend to whom he says:

“Now a noble heart is broken. Good night, sweet prince, and flocks of angels sing to you in your rest.

It is said that the phrase was also present at the funerals of the Princess Diana, whose eldest son, Guillermo, was named Prince of Wales, after the ascension to the throne of his father, Carlos III.

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