Queen Elizabeth II “died with a broken heart”, they say that her sadness was so great that she could not stand it

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According to one royal expert, Queen Elizabeth II “died with a broken heart” and also assures that her sadness was so great that in the end she couldn’t take it anymore. For just over two years, the British monarch was not the same and her pain increased as time went by.

On September 8, the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II shook the whole world completely and the United Kingdom dressed in mourning for twelve days. After spending a whole year with mobility problems and canceling her presence at official events, the monarch passed away after being put on compulsory bed rest at her Balmoral holiday home.

Queen Elizabeth II never recovered from the losses she suffered in the last two years

Since the resignation of prince harry to be a working member of royalty until the death of Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II could not recover from those great losses. The Duke of Sussex being supposedly her favorite grandson and the Prince of Edinburgh the love of her life, the queen lived in misery for the last year of her life.

“I believe that in the end he died of a broken heart. She was never the same again after Felipe. They were together for 74 years, he was, according to her, “Her support”. He supported her in everything she made of her in her lifetime. I think it is safe to say that she would not have been the queen that she was without the support of Philip, ”said Katie Nicholl.

“I also believe that something in her died when he left, and she held on as long as she could. He fulfilled his constitutional role, he saw the new prime minister, he made sure to get everything ready and I think she finally came back to him. I think that is why we saw a double rainbow over Buckingham Palace,” she added.

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