Princess Ana winks at Lady Di by wearing the dress she wore at her funeral

The princess anneonly female daughter of the Queen isabel II, He is becoming an important figure in the British monarchy after the death of his mother on September 8. During the ten days of mourning, she was regal, serious and prepared to carry the responsibilities and weight of the situation on her shoulders.

Both in the vigil that he did with his brothers, be in Edinburgh as later in westminster, where the coffin was resting until the day of the funeral, people applauded his demeanor and commitment.

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These are dark days in which you also have to follow many very specific etiquette rules; likewise, several members of the royal family They also find a way to honor the memory of the monarch, with some jewelry items, for example.

But Princess Anne chose to commemorate the memory of those who have already departed through her clothing and remember none other than Lady Di. On September 13 on her departure from Edinburgh to London, to accompany the transfer of Elizabeth II’s coffin, Anne was seen wearing a sack suit with a skirt, which she had previously worn, at the funeral of Diana of Wales.

Princess Ana winks at Lady Di when wearing the suit she wore at her funeral

Princess Ana winks at Lady Di wearing the dress she wore at her funeral. PHOTO: Hola Magazine Special

It’s about a round neck peplum jacket that is matched with a pencil skirt. Interestingly, this is the same outfit as the brother’s sister. king charles iii He wore it at the funeral of his first wife, Diana Spencer, who passed away 25 years ago, in 1997.

It is a significant detail that does not escape and of course, on that occasion, accompanied with a Pearl Necklace of three threads. Pearls are the recurring element in the arrangement of women at funerals of the British monarchy, as it is a mourning jewel that has been used very traditionally since the time of Queen Victoria.

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