Pedro Aquino responded to all of Chivas after America’s victory

After America defeated Chivas in the National Classic, Pedro Aquino highlighted how badly the rival acted in the run-up to the duel.

Aquinas entrenched himself in the fabric of America.
© picture 7Aquinas entrenched himself in the fabric of America.

Despite the fact that he has had encounters with a higher level of play, America got what he was looking for and once again took the three points in the National Classic. In the Azteca Stadium, he won by 2 to 1 a Chivas and vindicated his leadership, while stretching his incredible streak of eleven games without falls for one more match.

The duel had all the ingredients of the most passionate match in Mexico, which began long before kick-off. In the previous one, Cristian Calderón, Alexis Vega and Fernando Beltrán had remarked that El Rebaño is bigger than Las Águilas and that they had confidence in beating them as a visitor.

However, none of that happened and the victory went again to Los Azulcremas. Pedro Aquino discussed the situation, who gave his opinion regarding the statements of his colleagues and taught them that one should not speak before playing.

“The classics have to be played before speaking. This is America, and here the classics are won. We have to continue with that same humility and joy, putting a lot of enthusiasm into training sessions and matches. To not feel that we are pressured, but that things are going to happen by themselves, with a lot of work. You have to put a lot of joy into this.” commented on the containment in dialogue with Clear brand.

He doesn’t want to go to Europe.

In turn, the Peruvian added that his idea is not to go to Europe, but now he wants to stay: “We have been waiting for a long time about Europe. We have that illusion, but today I could tell you that I am not a conformist person. Today America in Mexico I would like to stay, maybe suddenly make my life here, make a career and stay with my family.

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