Organized crime punishes truckers who circulate at more than 30 kilometers per hour

By Cecilia Reynoso

Organized crime even takes on the role of transit police. Freight transport operators that circulate at more than 30 kilometers per hour in populated areas in the state of chihuahua They are being physically sanctioned by members of the underworld that operates in the entity, carriers denounce.

“In most of the state of chihuahua everything is like this (…). Drive 30 kilometers in towns and cities. Apply a lot please, be very careful. These people have already started with their sinks”, is the warning made by an operator through an audio broadcast among carriers in the area.

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A video posted on social media shows an operator standing to the side of a trailer as another man hits him several times with a board on the buttocks. “Put on, put on, put on. There are only three more to go”, says the voice of the beater to whom the driver in each slam begs with obvious pain: “Now boss please”, and the beater replies “Shhhh, now, now, now, blown away”.

In this way the warning is fulfilled that a group of the organized crime did after the accident that occurred last Wednesday at a bus stop in the municipality of Villa Ahumada, Chihuahualocated on the side of the road Pan Americanin which nine people died and 21 were injured.

According to some witnesses, the trailer was driven at excessive speed, while the driver claimed to have run out of brakes.

Within hours of the accident, some threats against motor transport operators began to circulate on social networks.

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“To all the truckers that pass through the state of chihuahua (…). After what happened in Villa Ahumada, we the Juarez Cartel We will take the following measures: It is prohibited to circulate at more than 30 km/h in populated areas throughout the state. Take care of your integrity because we will be carrying out operations 24/7”, says a message posted on Facebook.

The road regulations of chihuahua establishes 40 kilometers as the maximum speed in urban areas.

In the message they also ask not to overtake or make bad maneuvers in areas where the working population is at risk, remove their LED lights, avoid raising their voices to people in food establishments, address with respect, not use the horn in populated areas. .

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“At the first complaint there will be 30 tablazos and there will be no call for attention,” the message warns.

While this is happening, the carriers say that neither the National Guard nor are the state police doing anything to protect them.

“Most of us drivers avoid dealing with criminals. What we do is spread the word to circulate at low speed. Nobody protects us, that’s how we walk around the country, “they lament..

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