Niurka Marcos and Juan Vidal continue to write their love story and would be ready to live together

Upon their return from Machu Picchu, Peru, a place they visited on vacation, Niurka Marcos and JJuan Vidal They will establish their “love nest” in Mérida, Mexico, where the Cuban woman has lived for years.

After the flame of passion that was lit during their stay in the second season of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, the couple decided to write their own love story.

We are already in the process of living together. Right now we are traveling, part of work and also on vacation. We are very comfortable“, said Juan for Agencia Reforma, “We’re going to have to get home and put things together, but we’re already together, I already live with her! I already have to say it because it’s the truth, it’s the reality“.

The actor said that they will live in Niurka’s house in Mérida, although for his convenience, whose daughter lives in Miami, they also want to divide their time in that city in the United States.

In addition, for work reasons, he will keep his home in CDMX, Vidal added, but his time will be shared between Mérida and Miami.

Juan and Niurka traveled to Peru invited to participate in a television program, but they decided to stay there to vacation. They return to Mexico on Wednesday.

Ours has been something very beautiful, very real, to which he and I are clinging“added the Cuban, who has an appointment at the ANDA theater in Monterrey on Saturday, September 24 with the play ‘I Love Him, But He’s an Imbecile’, together with the actor and writer Jurgan Jacobo.

Like we are happy with what we feel, at ease, together, that things flow. We are not one of the people who are worried about giving explanations to people, we live day by day; he has responsibilities, I have mine. He has his dreams and I have mineNiurka said.

What they seek as a couple, she pointed out, is to reconcile their dreams and their responsibilities as a couple.

Although the beginning of their relationship was in the public eye, Niurka confirmed that they met in the telenovela “La Mujer de Judas” and there they had their first kiss.

“We are left wanting to get to know each other better in ‘La Mujer de Judas,’” added the actor from Santo Domingo.

During their coexistence, he said, they have discovered that they have many things in common, in terms of upbringing and family customs. She stressed that what she likes most about Niurka is that she is very homelike, just like him.

“She is very home, very housewife and has her feet on the ground. I’m from the show business, but I really don’t like what the madness of entertainment entails. I am calmer, I share my time in productive things. One already jumped and enjoyed when he was young, one is already in another stage”, Vidal assured.

Niurka is a person with a good heart that is very difficult to find in this world. I was surprised to meet her because we have the same customs and together we don’t get bored of each other. He had already heard wonders from Niurka, the woman of the house, the one with a family life, I simply confirmed it”.

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