Ninel Conde starred in a kiss next to Lupillo Rivera

Totally surprised were the judges of the program “The Challenger”, after seeing the imitation that the singer did Ninel Count of the star of the urban genre badbunny, but this was not the only surprise during the program, since the artist starred in a kiss with Lupillo Rivera.

The “killer hottie” appeared as an aspiring mysterious challenger, fully characterized as the Puerto Rican interpreter, whose voice he imitated and even recreated the moment he kissed one of his dancers, during the MTV awards ceremony a few weeks ago.

It was in the last block of the episode broadcast this Sunday when Ninel received a salvation letter, which allowed her to continue in the contest, so that next week she has one more chance to be on the imitation throne.

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But when the artist received this news, the comedian La India Yuridia expressed: “No, no, no, no, no, I’m not going to make it so easy for him, if it’s Bad Bunny I want to see again what he did kissing one of his dancers and you are a Lupillo dancer. Let that recreation convince us,” she said.

Next, Jenni Rivera’s brother went on stage, in a Televisa forum, to kiss Ninel, who responded without hesitation.

In this regard, Conde clarified that said kiss was not given by her, but by the singer she was mimicking “I was in character, it was a kiss from Bad Bunny, so Ninel didn’t even know.”

In case anyone had any doubts about what happened, Lupillo made it clear that the kiss was not for a man, but for Ninel.

The 45-year-old actress also competed against Boris Saavedra, who captivated with his resemblance to Luis Fonsi, Roberto de Llano who imitated Vicente Fernández and little Luigui Jesús who finally stayed on the imitation throne for embodying the late José José.

In this show there were two letters of salvation, the second was for Ninel, but the first was for Verónica Linares who was previously on the throne for playing Rocío Dúrcal and later for Ana Gabriel, but Luigui took the title this week.

On the other hand, in the singing field the winner was Kika Edgar and in the dance field the winner was Emmanuel Tórres, who performed classical and contemporary dance movements.

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