“Never Look Away” becomes a trend since its premiere on Netflix

The movie of “never look away“It’s unexpectedly the premiere found in trend within the Netflix platform and for nothing in the world can you miss it, so continue reading so you know the details.

Today we will recommend a movie on the red logo platform that has caused several sensations, since it is inspired by real events.

There is no doubt that Netflix playlists have extremely varied content that is for all types of audiences.

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For children there are animated productions, for those who are fans of Japanese stories, there are many anime headlines, for those who admire and enjoy stories that are to reflect on and leave messages of life, there are movies that are inspired by real facts.

The movie we are talking about today is “Never look away”, better known as “The shadow of the past” or “Don’t stop looking at me”.

This is a dramatic production that was directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck and was released in 2018 and was part of the famous Venice International Film Festival.

The truth is that the cast of this headband is excellent, since it is made up of Sebastian Koch, Tom Schilling and Paula Beer, these performances are complemented by a photograph by Caleb Deschanel.

Despite having been part of various awards at Film Festivals in Europe, the most important distinction was that of its release year, because this film was selected to represent Germany at the Oscars in 2019.

It is important to mention that “Don’t stop looking at me” is inspired by the life of the German artist Gerhard Richter, who, in the film, is called Kurt Barnet, a young painter who grew up in Nazi Germany and in post-war East Berlin, who Despite being born and growing up in a complicated context, he tries to develop as a normal child of his age.

In addition, as you may know, it is already available within the extensive Netflix catalog.

This is how more than three hours of footage that begins as a classic melodrama and ends as a soap opera, is what the German Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck presents, in which the director wanted to delve into “human creativity”.

In this way, after surprising with his debut film, “The Lives of Others” -Oscar for best non-English language film- and disappointing with the American “The Tourist”, Henckel presented a look at the history of his country with ” Never Look Aay”, a film full of twists, reunions and stereotypes that has not been well received among moviegoers.

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