Mbappé bows to the French Federation on sponsorsHalftime

The French Football Federation (FFF) announced on Monday a first concession in sponsorship contracts under pressure from its star, Kylian Mbappé, who had warned that would not participate in photography sessions due to disagreements with companies that can use their image.

In a statement, the FFF indicated that it is committed to revising “as soon as possible” the convention on player image rights of the national team, when until now his position was that it would not change until the World Cup in Qatar in November.

A review that it claims to have decided on after “conclusive” talks between the team representativesthe president of the federation, the coach and a marketing manager.

The goal, according to your version, is to establish “a new deal that allows you secure your interests taking into account the legitimate concerns and convictions unanimously expressed by its players“.

Although his name does not appear explicitly in the statement, all the references clearly indicate that behind everything he is Kylian Mbappethat hours before he had warned that this Tuesday he would be absent from the photo shoot for advertising purposes organized by the FFFas it had already done once this year.

This was to show their disagreement with the how sponsors are chosen and to demand, as it has been doing for a long time, a change in the convention of the image rights which he signed in 2017 when he made his debut with the national team.

Mbappelike the rest of the international ones, signed that text that dates from the 2010 World Cup for which each footballer receives €25,000 per game with the ‘blue‘ and in return the FFF can negotiate its image rights with advertisers.

The French national team star has ensured that his refusal to attend these sessions it’s not for moneysince what he earns in sponsorship of the national team is donated to charitable associations, but because he does not want to be associated with what certain brands represent.

It is well known that Mbappé refuses to be linked commercially with the fast food business or with gambling companies.

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