Luis Miguel and Lady Di were family? They reveal who would be the real father of “El Sol”

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One of the great unknowns that left “Luis Miguel, The Series” was the whereabouts of his mother, Marcela Basteri, who supposedly He disappeared in 1986 without leaving any clues, but there are several theories, the strongest is that she died at the hands of her husband, King Luisito, but it has never been confirmed.

Recently the Argentine program “true secrets” revealed a new clue about the relationships that Marcela Basteri had in the past and questions the identity of Luis Miguel.

In the book “The Romeo and Juliet Chronicles” whose author is Gerald Spencer, cousin of Princess Diana, confesses that he had an affair with the mother of Luis Miguel.

in said book Gerard Spencer revealed that he was in love with Marcela Basteri and that he is the father of Luis Miguel instead of the late Luis Rey. The man says that he met the singer’s mother in Italy and that they were loversso the woman got pregnant by himBut she never told her husband.

But it seems that Gerard Spencer kept the secret until now that he affirms that Luis Miguel has blue blood that unites him with the deceased Lady Di and that it would be relative of princes William and Harry, who these days mourn the death of their grandmother, the Queen isabel II, from United Kingdom.

Another detail that was revealed in the program is that Gerard Spencer personally met Luis Miguel when he was given his star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1996, at the time he was at his best artistic moment but he says that they never treated each other as father and son in society.

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