Leticia Calderón reappears after leaving the hospital and confirms what happened to her

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A couple of days ago the communicator Alex Kaffie announced that the actress Leticia Calderón had been hospitalized; however, he avoided giving more details of the health condition of the famous

The journalist, who collaborates in the morning program ‘Sale el Sol’, limited himself to saying via Twitter that it was not up to him to air details of what happened with the artist.

“The experienced actress Leticia Calderon She is already at home, after having been hospitalized for a delicate health issue that only she has to share, “he said.

This sparked all kinds of speculation among netizens, who even wondered if she could face consequences of the three COVID-19 infections she has suffered.

Faced with this situation, the famous 54-year-old decided to break the silence to give her followers peace of mind by explaining what her true health condition.

Leticia Calderon narrated how it is through the video platform tiktok, network of Chinese origin that became popular during the coronavirus pandemic.

With the first video of her official account, the protagonist of “Esmeralda” confirmed that she was in a hospital where she underwent surgery.

“After my reflux operation I am very well, thank you,” said the famous woman in the almost two-minute recording in which she is seen together with the eldest of her two children.

Internet users celebrated that Leticia Calderón has a better state of health

After communicating that she is more stable after her visit to the doctor, the actress received all kinds of positive comments through TikTok.

“Both beautiful, a thousand blessings. Thank God you are better”; “It’s good that you’re fine”; “Thank God you are already dancing, my queen”; “How good, Lety, blessings”, were some of the messages of love received by the artist.

Photo: TikTok @letyca79 (screenshot)

The woman’s video has almost reached a thousand views on the network; In addition, it made her accumulate more than 700 followers in just a couple of hours.

Apparently the protagonist of stories like ‘La indomitable’ and ‘Empire of lies’ feels good, because in the recordings she shared she looks happy and to the rhythm of the music.

Although he is usually in the company of his two descendants, on this occasion he was only seen with Luciano (the eldest son he fathered during his relationship with the lawyer Juan ‘N’).

It was like that Leticia Calderon made it clear that his health condition She is better despite being in the hospital, where she was treated for reflux.

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