Leones is champion of the LMB! He won against Sultanes in the King’s Halftime Series

Long live the king! The Yucatan Lions were crowned in Mexican Baseball League, after overcoming by slate 6-1 the Sultans of Monterey in the game 7 of the King Seriesadding his fifth title in franchise history.

Yucatan, ninth managed by Robert Vizcarraadd a new Zaachila Cup to his showcase, as he did in 1957, 1984, 2006 and 2018; In addition, the bitter taste of the two runners-up in the 2019 and 2021 editions was removed, when they fell to Monclova Steelers Y Tijuana Bulls.

The lionswho had to come from behind in the qualifiers when they were down 3-2 and with the disadvantage of closing away from home, they fought at the right time and from the first inning they hit with a double from the Venezuelan Jose Martinezwho drove home to Obese Norbert.

And as if it were a repetition, Martinez He returned to the plate in the fifth inning, responding with a single to right field, so that Obese will ring the second of the hairy.

But the party Cafecito Martinez he did not stop and to seal his brutal performance he hit a three-run homer in the top of the fateful seventh, taking ahead again to Obeseas well as Art Charlesputting a distance that demoralized the sultansninth that suffered again on offense.

Still in the ninth inning appeared Walter Ibarra to disappear the ball throughout the right woods before the pitches of the star closer, Naphtali Happy.

The sultans responded in the bottom of the ninth, with a home run by Zoilo Almontethe only damage that the opener received Henderson Alvarez during the matchup, working eight innings in which he gave up one run and dished out three strikeouts.

vizcarra he did not hesitate and pulled out the ace giving entry to the closer Jorge Rondon, who got the three outs necessary for the victory; domino to Victor Mendoza with rolled to first; came Orlando Calixte to bat and went to sleep with chocolate.

the last hope was Jose Augusto Figueroawho hit a line against the wall, but in his attempt to reach second he did not have enough speed and was executedbeing the 27th out of the night, filling the lions at the house of sultans. Long live the king!


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