Learn about the advances in aesthetic medicine, reports Dr. Marco Antonio Ríos

I’m sure you’ve hated to talk about the term aesthetic medicine, but you are not very clear what it is. It is common to confuse it with plastic surgery. Therefore, we must be very clear about its definition, its limits and treatments

Aesthetic medicine is outlined therefore as an alternative to surgery and in recent years it has positioned itself as the latest trend to prevent wrinkles Y signs of aging in general thanks to its non-aggressive procedures and in many cases with immediate results.

Aesthetic Medicine |  Doctology

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Dr. Marco Antonio Ríos, a specialist in aesthetic medicine, mentions that the purposes of Aesthetic Medicine are the restoration, maintenance of beauty and health, for which he uses medical practices and small interventionism, in which topical anesthesia or local and outpatient.

What is the smart way to approach aesthetic medicine?

The correct way is to see it as a medical consultation, where if the patient goes beyond going for surgery, a diagnosis is made to see if the damage is nutritional, hormonal, due to sun exposure or simple aging.

Many times the patient wants to see ‘magical’ results overnight, however, what should be expected is a broad and harmonious result, beyond the implementation of injections to ‘restore’ the skin.

“The ideals that people have through social networks are often unrealistic with the body part for both men and women, they cannot reach these standards, something is completely out of reality, what is real, is power arrange what is most harmonious for you,” commented Dr. Ríos.

The concept of beauty is very broad and not only describes external appearance but is also a combination of inner beauty that includes psychological factors such as elegance, intelligence, personality, etc.

Can a patient be denied some type of surgery?

“Ethically, one always has to tell him until here, I’m not going to do this to you… trying to tell him this is not convenient for you medically or psychologically for that harmony you are looking for,” commented Dr. Ríos.

He affirms that nutrition and the hormonal issue is one of the most important things that one has to look for, the basic issues such as not eating refined flours and sugars, but what is hardly done is finding a balance in the life of each.

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