La Jornada – Tsunami recorded in Manzanillo after earthquake

Colima, Col. A tsunami of 1.24 meters high affected the basins of the Laguna de Cuyutlán, in the municipality of Manzanillo and caused flooding in several communities in the demarcation, especially in the Valle de las Garzas sector.

The University of Colima announced that as a result of the magnitude 7.7 earthquake that occurred this Monday at 1:05 p.m. Central Mexico time, with an epicenter in the municipality of Coalcomán, near the coast of Michoacán, the Alert Center of US Pacific Tsunamis (PTWC, for its acronym in English) issued the alarm for the Mexican Pacific coast, due to the arrival of waves of one to three meters in height.

The first anomalies were detected in Manzanillo at 1:18 p.m., when the sea level reached a height of 92.5 centimeters, 32.5 more than the tide forecast previously issued for that time.

“The maximum registered elevation was 1.55 meters, which was 1.24 meters higher than the prediction for that moment. The amplitude of the tsunami wave recorded in Manzanillo was 1.87 meters,” reported the PTWC.

According to the report, the effects of the Tsunami could persist for many hours after the arrival of the initial wave.

“The impacts of a tsunami depend on several factors: the local bathymetry, the shape and elevation of the coast and the state of the tide at the time of the arrival of the maximum tsunami waves, so its impacts can vary considerably from one coastal site to another,” the PTWC noted.

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